The missing link in my musical history

So, you might have noticed I recently started putting out some sounds.

It’s sort of a continuation of one of the elements of The Tom Bosley Experience – I have had a vast love of using software synthesisers which I guess is my homage to the work of Wendy Carlos who was the boss of THIS wave which hit me when I was 10 and was given a cheesy “Best of Bach” record for my birthday.

As well as a number of works by serviceable regional orchestras, there was Wendy (billed as Walter) top of the second side with one of the Brandenburgs – I can’t recall which number right now, but the notes are seared into me.

So anyhow, last year some time I was picking up the threads. I was content churning, and following a sweet little memevore site called Urlesque at the time and, excited by a mock gameshow segment on their podcast, I chuntered out a song which was hinky and fun enough for them to use.

You can watch it here – it’s the first showing, and my all-round favourite crew for the podcast. I am going to take the bit where Lindsey Weber says “I love Sean’s last name”, cut “‘s last name” off it and mix it into my latest tune, if I can negotiate the right to do so. These guys started me on my love of podcasting, and I love them right back for it.

It’s a nice song but ohhh I feel sorry for those nice people.


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2 Responses to The missing link in my musical history

  1. seanmurgatroyd says:

    Bonus content: I caught the show more recently – I’m sure Elliot winced when the theme played.

    I’m sorry, Elliot.

  2. seanmurgatroyd says:

    Double bonus content: This guy is a master:

    Cut it and paste it your lazy self or miss out. πŸ™‚

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