The new Chris Crocker speaks.

OK, go wiki it. Done it? Remember? Sweet. Here’s a good specialist link for those of you who just couldn’t be bothered.

So here’s my Chris Crocker in a 12 second free download and CC sharealike original song.

Yeah yeah, Facebook’s going to be the death of all of us. Sure. So is Google. So is Microsoft. So is Apple. The Roman Empire is still killing us. The list goes on.

We tend to see the examples of social ill in these companies – and sure they’re there.

Philosophical digression warning:

Skip the next bit if you just want to cut to where I talk about Facebook, and why it’s ok, I guess.

A long time ago I read a book by the wonderful science writer Douglas Hofstadter, known in its circles as GEB, for ‘Gödel, Escher, Bach – an Eternal Golden Braid’. I was very much a student of Bach during my classical phase, as mentioned previously, but the first time I didn’t really get the maths. The second time, more recently I did.

Essentially, Gödel is describing the way in which any system of ideas that is sufficiently complex to be self-reflecting (Hofstadter’s term preferred term is recursive) will of necessity have some contradictory elements.

Back to the main theme now. Facebook is ok.

As someone with a passion for large organisational analyses I believe this applies to the policies we develop – however much we strive for perfect policy, that is an impossibility – thankfully.

We get to offer ideas with the hope that they might some day be made better. It’s a wonderful adventure.

So  you  will understand when I suggest that any large organisation will have flaws, and any global organisation will have therefore some negative effects on the world at some point.

I read an interesting article by one Steve Cheney which suggested that Facebook was driving us towards no-opt-out world forum, thereby depriving us of authenticity. I commented that everything online was doing this but one Robert Scoble blogged a far stronger rebuttal.

On consideration, I need to talk about my concerns around “authenticity”.

My life, learning style and frankly abnormal brain chemistry have led me to living in the now and not worrying about who the authentic self is, and I get to see it in the responses of those I love who love me back.

No conclusion as to what means w/r/t FB. Maybe just hang fire?


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