Kerre Woodham and student loan “bludgers”

Relates to Ms. Woodham’s discussion of the student loan debate, in which she characterises Sir Paul Callaghan as a nice and decent man (I’m sure he is) and overseas student loan “avoiders” as a pack of self-serving bludgers (I’m not sure she knows them well enough to make that call).

Kerre, while I understand your argument and agree opposing arguments are frequently self-serving and sometimes specious, it seems pretty clear to me that  the terms of the contract were “pay back x amount proportional to income per each future year worked in New Zealand, and pay no interest while not working in New Zealand.”

That, for me, means no contract has been broken by people choosing to work overseas and not repay. Even if, as you suggest, a contract has been breached, coaxing is an admission of no other clear legal recourse.

What I’m saying is, we (collectively) made a bad contract with a loophole that forced a choice between indentureship (in terms of contributing skills back so that debt could be cleared) and freedom.

It actually seems a pretty clear choice in those terms, and even the gentlest request from the nicest man in the world won’t change that.


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