The Emperor’s New Clothes, or the “Or Hack Me Bro” ethic demystified.

Been doing a bit of a reorg of my communication channels. Changed the title.

I never overdose on organisational discourse. The cake was a lie.

Discourse Analysis Overdose? Hell, it’s my lifestyle.

‘Cause there’s nothing else to do. (1)

Here’s how my life part came about. I’m an overclocker.

At the age of ohhh 12 my father started explaining Cartesian philosophy to me. Cheers.

At the age of 13 I started overclocking.

So here I am. Caffeine derived.

I, as a hobby, analyse discourse.

Aaaand sometimes, lord knows, it becomes a bit much.

So this, last for now to be defined space, is seanfish’s braindump space. The moniker implies you are welcome to be aware of my professional identity, but I ought to be clear I’m not writing from it.  Even if I’m writing about information culture. I talk to my organisation about matters relating to my professional identity, and it is a pretty good thing that we (the infoculture profession) are all able to do.

Here’s a band you might like if you’re a bit ambient at times. It’s not illegal for you to listen to, although should that change between my posting it and your watching it, <i>I’m not in charge of the internets.</i>

Also: Adrian, if you read this, you’re always welcome to comment. I might not respond, but I won’t consider it spammage. 😉


(1) Pulp, “The Common People.”


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