#blogjune: A month of superlatives

I’ve decided to take part in a thing called #blogjune. It seems to be a “librarian” thing, which I ain’t so sure is a reason for 30 solid posts back to back, but anyhow I am one. Good a reason as any, I guess.

What I’m going to attempt to deliver is a month of superlatives. If they relate to libraries, it’s due the proportion of my both waking and leisure time I spend connected to people who are connected to them. It’ll be the Guinness Book of Sean, or seanfish depending on in which voice I’m writing. Each day, the first commenter to identify which voice wins the prize of reading comprehension. Protip: Both have a twisted sense of humour, both have a loving heart.

So! I’m going to start with a “worst”.

My worst thing ever is being recommended books. It just makes me feel so ridiculously uncomfortable, because I am really serious and committed about my reading. If I promise to read something, I do so under a commitment to really search my soul and tell that recommender what I think about that title.

I am not a complete grizzler. There are a number of people from whom I will gladly hear recommendations in particular genres. But here, companions, is the thing.

Some, nay, many book recommendations in a librarian’s life are offered, not sought, and with precisely the expectation that thoughtful feedback will be given. And then one is in the position of either connecting or not connecting with a title, and having a thoughtful time, and giving feedback… which, again, is ok, because it is all about connecting with the person, and the book they offered, and thinking about what they are wishing to say about that offering.

It’s good stuff. Unless it happens on average once per working day of your life.

I swear, I just don’t have the emotional energy.

My worst thing, and my first superlative in this cavalcade, is not having the capacity to connect through literature with every single person who takes the time to make that recommendation.


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5 Responses to #blogjune: A month of superlatives

  1. Well, I’m making a point of reading blogs that I don’t normally read as part of this #blogjune – so I clicked on yours in Kate’s amazing netvibes page and voila! I find we are using the same wordpress theme. It’s a small world (of free wordpress themes without flowers in them anyway).

    • seanmurgatroyd says:

      It’s a pretty awesome theme! Nice and neutral but clear – lets the action happen in the reading.

      Nice to meet you!

  2. Penny says:

    NTS: do not recommend books to Sean…. ;-P

    • seanmurgatroyd says:

      Should be: “Do not recommend books to Sean unless I truly have found them meaningful and have a strong feeling that meaning will be worth sharing with him, acknowledging he may never be in the right space to invest in the terms my chosen book demands.”

      I truly do want people share. 🙂

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