#blogjune 8: Not quite the Carnegie method

If you’ve been reading, you’ll have noted me commenting things are fun, most of the time.

The most of the time is, I hope, self-explanatory. It’s all about balance.

The fun? That’s another thing.

It’s not that I’m constantly up to hijinks. Yaawn.

It’s simply that I decide to find whatever happens to be happening fun if I possibly can, unless that would be upsetting for someone.

For example: Right now, apart from having fun blogging, I’m having fun managing tracks on my iPod, having just transferred a large part of our CD collection to my machine.

And oh gosh, I mean I really am having fun. I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted.

Tomorrow I’m going to have fun hanging around with other library peeps in the big city, and telling people about eBooks, which will hopefully at least make up to some of the NatLib peeps for being subject to a shrobbery.

Now I’m going to have fun videogaming as a pretend cowboy in Rockstar’s “Red Dead Redemption”. It provides a lot more scope to play the “good guy” than their other products, despite having cussin’ and such things as ain’t rightly fit for younger folk. I bought it using a gift voucher at the digital cornucopia of my choice I was kindly given by the team at my last gig.

Just to get self-referential, I reviewed a library copy of “Red Dead Redemption” at a “reading experience” meeting at Albany Village Library.

You know what? I had fun doing that. What’s not fun about talking about books with a bunch of cool folks?

Night all!


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2 Responses to #blogjune 8: Not quite the Carnegie method

  1. Penny says:

    I like fun too – though some things at work are bit of fun killers at the moment

    • seanmurgatroyd says:

      That’s why I have a ukulele on my desk, so that if the worst happens I can always play a little tune to myself.

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