#blogjune 15: Quick engagement vs. enhanced features

Whenever I think about design matters I wish for everything to be in a state of zenlike simplicity, but with lots of features.

I definitely think websites should be capable of doing both.

A recent session at work guided by an outside group got me thinking about how this can come about.* There’s the iGoogle model – personalised widgets galore, which I think would be awesome. Visit the generic site first time, then make it your own.

The other model of rich features implies multiple/generated-on-the-fly pages, and (having been told to hurry up before dinner and a hot date watching the start of Criminal Minds season 5… is Hodge ok? If his job gets too dangerous will he move back in with Dharma? Is being able to tell reality from fantasy really necessary in the digital age?) I’ve decided the best way to handle that is to have a frontend URL system that works like a series of folders and subfolders – knowing that getdoc commands are the most efficient way to drive the back end of things.

Always, always, always put the hard work behind the scenes. Always, always, always have that illusory top-of-the-swan floating above the surface.

Okies, dindins. Happy #blogjune!

*Sorry for being vague – I don’t want to prejudice any confidential processes although I’m sure I’d be quite safe.


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2 Responses to #blogjune 15: Quick engagement vs. enhanced features

  1. greengecko29 says:

    I love your first sentence. I think I might steal it.

    • seanmurgatroyd says:

      Thank you! You’re welcome to use it. I think I’ll add a CC 3.0 statement to my footer next time I’m twiddling.

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