#blogjune 19: Nothing to see here.

Did a post over at diligent room. Not even publicising this one. Hi if you picked up the RSS.


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4 Responses to #blogjune 19: Nothing to see here.

  1. Rosie W says:

    Oh hai, just passing through on my RSS next> button!

  2. seanmurgatroyd says:


    I still think RSS is IMPORTANT and NEW.

  3. Rosie W says:

    That’s because it IS both important and new. I enjoy my google reader next button bookmarklet jobby because it just casually takes me thru the pages, one at a time; no decisions required, until it tells me I have reached the end of the internet. Then I check facebook and then I go back and click it again.

  4. seanmurgatroyd says:

    I know! It’s so awesome…except for the crushing google reader guilt.

    I’ve got over 1k at the mo but mostly it’s #blogjune.

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