#blogjune 24: You-know-who

Or you don’t, if you’re in that elite group of people who read this but don’t follow the NZ media.

Please, I can’t rehash it, and I can’t send it up because Kiwi blogger Moata Tamaira has already done such a good job. Suffice to say it’s about a man in his middle years in a position of some public notability and influence describing women losing productivity due to once-a-month “sick problems”. Here’s a quick google news of the train wreck.

The personal is political, and the personal lense I view this through is that of the middle aged male, as much as I am one. Truth to tell, while the discussion has been exciting my reaction on those terms a day later is pretty much of disinterest. Speaking as an old fart, albeit a newbie one, we look at other old farts who have feet in mouth and mutter “glad it’s you and not me.”

Furthermore, I don’t believe the cause of women has been damaged in this country in the least by is actions. In fact, he’s promoted it by turning an antiquated line of discourse into high camp. This is the new “always blow on the pie“.

And there we are. Having cut our teeth on the hambeast, bauble boy and the ever-lovely Suzanne Paul (wotta hottie amirite?)* our little country has entered the meme age.

*Not in the manner implied by that syntax, no. Still, whoaaar.


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2 Responses to #blogjune 24: You-know-who

  1. figgles1 says:

    I saw your opening sentence and thought, oh I won’t know what that’s about, but I did! The news had made it across the Tasman as far a Western Australia…

  2. seanmurgatroyd says:

    How interesting! I was wondering. He’s no American Senator, but he did a good effort.

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