Balm for the restive souls out there

Because friends have expressed concern:

  • My understanding of the mechanisms and origins of my social anxiety has been in place for a long time; discovering a new, useful label for those processes has given me a new language to explore that, but has not altered my approach to life – merely confirmed it.
  • I knew my brother needed to talk about those issues (not the first time he’s raised them), and knew if he got distressed it would be distressing to me. I knew that he would get distressed. I chose to navigate through that distress with him in full awareness of the consequences.
  • Irregardless of the aforementioned: I am incredibly grateful to have friends who show care and concern. I am only strong enough to turn the harm from my family situation into joy, love and giving because of them.

To quote the good blue Doctor:

I am disappointed, Veidt. Very disappointed. Reconstructing myself after the subtraction of my intrinsic field was the first trick I learnt.


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