Confessions of a…

Just like that, things snap into place.

Work has moved into some very interesting phases, and my hamster of a mind has a number of very satisfying hamster wheels to run in at present. Sometimes the wheels even move forward. This is the art of public service.

On the personal front, the work done in therapy on mindfulness have culminated in a series of useful decisions about how to manage being me. A bit of a deep hack with a few helpful kicks up the arse by kind onlookers.

There is still – and may always be – work to go, but the next steps are clear in my own journey. As always – finding ways to be more comfortable and open about who I am.

So here’s this year’s one. I am, as I was discussing with a friend on the twits today, a flirtaholic.

This is because:

1) My mother.

2) My father.

3) I genuinely like women and enjoy life when I can have lighthearted jocularity of a grown-up nature with them.

4) And some men. Whatevs.

Not such a hard thing to state, actually.

How does my wife deal with it? She knows who’s boss. I tell her I am very lucky very often. 🙂

All is well in the world.

I’ve thrown this one out before, but it seems appropriate.

In your dreams, seanfish.



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