Remember last post? Oh those good old days of clarity. If only the sporting life were my concern this week.

Some undue mental energy has become bound around currently-unshiftable work issues. I’m meditating, and consulting with appropriate channels. I am engaging with my support community, and not letting my negatives define me.

As far as the remaining task of self-management; I’m a big believer in the art of applying minimum effort at the right moment as a path to success – it allows room for more right moments to be found. There’s also that cheesy metaphor about the glass jar, the rocks of varying sizes and the sand.

The sand is where my comfort lies right now. Some larger rocks are sitting still, but I’m gaining traction on stones and pebbles.

Monday was a glory – I got to do the real stuff, and stand in front of a group of very intelligent and capable seniors and tell them all about ebooks. Will write about said in eLibrarylife  soon enough. I spent the afternoon handling real books. Weird.

Tuesday was getting little things done with a series of wonderful moments interspersed. I’ll discuss the excellent talk from Netsafe on cyberbullying (statistics! Joy!) over on the other blog to which I sporadically contribute at a later point.

As Tuesday is  band practise, I’ve arranged to leave a little earlier and make up time later in the week. This lets me get in before Northern stops moving and gives me a couple of great hours to enjoy the town.

I was in the mood for walking, so made my way down Queen Street.

I discovered an amazing trio jamming at the bottom of Vulcan Lane. Their music sounded like it was from Sesame Street.

Electric bass, tin drum, didgeridoo

Electric bass, tin drum and didgeridoo at Vulcan Lane

I turned, looking for refreshment. Rakinos suited my need to change from professional person to Bohemian, so I sat at one of the terrace tables to enjoy the sunshine and the cup.

I was trying unsuccessfully to wrangle my phone when a lady asked if she could share the table. She was smoking, I wasn’t – I could hardly object. Bronwyn, a Bohemian herself, was in her young sixties. She introduced herself by showing her business card. Her title: Artiste.

We talked of the education system, locations of opression, and the need for all citizens of good standing to understand the concept embodied in the song Gaudeamus Igitur.

I then went up to Albert Park for a short but enjoyable meditation.

Dinner was Double Cheese Pancake from No. 1 Pancake! (their apostrophe), my first time. It was… light and bland, but fried. Oh my poor arteries. Good thing my day was spent walking up hill and down dale.

After dinner – music practise. Lots of fun as we were exploring something new and different.

I got home just in time to kiss Sal goodnight – I’m never ready to sleep the minute I get in, and she was ready for an early one.

Today was spent just sifting through the sand. Some grains were moved. That’s a positive, right?


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