Why I desperately want the National Government to love me, sex me up.

I have a need for attention and validation, as I have mentioned before.

I manage to moderate this day to day so that begging doesn’t take place, but being shown an absolute disregard for my worth as a person can just push me over the edge.

Treat me badly, and I’ll be yours forever. This government treating me – us all, really – extremely badly indeed. The best kind of bad is when lies are involved – and the best kind of lies are ones delivered despite all evidence to the contrary. Oh god does this government make me hot.

I’m just putting on my gimp mask.* This might get uncomfortably personal for some of you.**

I’m reminded of a close family member I caught giving my name to the police for traffic violations whilst disqualified.

The first time I was really a little annoyed. The person pleaded with me to let them pay the fines  to make amends.

The second time hurt, as did the mention I found on my police file of domestic disturbance I was apparently active in at that person’s house. Which I’d never visited.

Because I so desperately want to be loved, I still tried to repair that relationship*** – as if it was on me to do so at all.

The first forays were responded to with outright lies. Yes, this person agreed they had done so before. They nonetheless felt I was unreasonable in asserting they were by far the most likely culprit. Surely, they said, many people in the world have my full name and birth date at close recall.

We did better later – up to a point. Wrongs were acknowledged. I had to ask, how do I know this won’t happen again?

“I have my license back. I don’t need to.”

Good one.****

That’s how it is with this government. Each time they’re caught they lie until put on the spot. When they’re honest, it’s worse.

I’m not asking for much. I’m very eager to please. I just want John Key to look me in the eye while he fucks me.

* I do not own a gimp mask.

** It sure is for me. Jokes! Not.

*** I still am, by the way, and will always be.

**** I might be an emotional victim, but I’ve now got a note asking police to check for a fish tattoo on my right arm should anyone give my name without ID.


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2 Responses to Why I desperately want the National Government to love me, sex me up.

  1. No shame in valuing relationship, even against the odds. It is how the world gets better. Not without boundaries, like the fish, tho. Don’t all governments and polis lie tho, even the ones you otherwise like?

    • seanmurgatroyd says:

      The personal relationship discussed in the post is, in fact much stronger now than less recently due to growth on both parts, so I wholeheartedly agree. The fish abides.

      I think my non-stylised view of the current political series of events is chagrin.

      Lying is a commonly used strategy. I receive the way it’s being done here is bad political juju.

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