Another day, another emergency: Blogjune 3

I’m starting to very much believe pregnancy is practice for parenthood, in that it’s a series of things to cope with. I hasten to add – I don’t know about parenthood as yet, so I don’t have a real comparison.

We haven’t had the most difficult pregnancy, in that at no point has there been direct threat to the wellbeing of Fi or our child. We also haven’t had the most easy. While baby has been found to be in good health at every step of the way, Fi has experienced increasing debilitation in terms of mobility, and early predominance of nausea has been complemented by a steadily increasing dose of heartburn over the last couple of months.

It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve developed in our ability to communicate, cooperate and mutually support. When we have nothing left to give, we are able to be side by side in exhaustion and take comfort there. I mentioned such an event on the first, when we slept in a hospital ward as we waited for Fi to be sent home after her overnight stay.

Today’s emergency involved our elder cat, Nib. He needed to be taken to the vet. There was a possibility, although not a certainty, of a sad conclusion to the visit. There were some moments of worry, but we prioritised planning and agreed not to worry further until we’d had a professional examination. An hour later, we were bringing home a slightly disgruntled but largely hale and hearty Nib with some discussion towards a long term management plan.

Emphasis on long term.

This would have taken us out at one point. Now, although we’ve a lot coming at us – we also have a lot more resilience together. I have every hope it will serve us well into the future.


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