Watch_dogs quick review: #blogjune 5

I’m giving myself a relative rest day, so this will just be a quickie.

I’m playing through Watch_Dogs. For those not in the know, it’s a sandbox* game set in a hyperconnected near-future Chicago.

The role I’m given to play is of a hacker. I wander the streets, smartphone in hand, using custom apps to achieve goals.

As with any hyped game, it’s received a fair amount of slamming. I see what they’re saying. Graphically it looks nice, but it’s a few steps back from state of the art. It has a reputation for visual and physics glitches – not witnessed by myself at this time.

The thing is, I don’t play for visual perfection. The games I enjoy most often look like this:


That’s Risk of Rain. I’m not reviewing it here but seriously, play it.

So for me – the greatest graphics aren’t important. What’s important for me in Watch_dogs is it’s point of difference: the hacking. At a basic level, it’s fun to run round the city listening in on people’s phone conversations and reading their text messages – it’s a rich game world, and in between fun diversions there’s a fair bit of story texture that comes out of these.

Also fun is the game’s approach to puzzles. One genre centres around QR codes placed around the city. Each one will span a number of surfaces, and will only line up when viewed through a particular hacked camera. Sometimes the challenge is simply finding the right camera, other times it can only be found through a clever series of hacks on hacks – working one’s way around circuits of cameras to find the right one, which is otherwise unaccessible.

I haven’t completed it by a long shot – at the moment I’ve all but abandoned the story missions, even though I’ve just met possible love interest, Clara Lille (aka Badboy17 when online), a “hot geek girl” replete with facial piercings and neck tattoos.

To heck with her. I want to climb towers. I want to hack mainframes. I want to find… to find all the things.

*open roaming, multiple objectives with storyline only representing a small part of the set of goals.


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