A complaint about allergies: #blogjune 6

I triggered my allergies today. It doesn’t happen often, and the way I feel right now is why.

A meal out combined with incautious ordering resulted in a smattering of chives being included in the meal. As I hadn’t thought to clarify my needs, I scraped the offending matter to one side and continued to eat.

Please note, this strategy doesn’t work. Whatever element it is in raw onions and similar foods, a mere taste of it is enough to set me off. I traded current convenience for later unease.

Unease I received in spades. As well as my normal set of symptoms around wheezing, itching and less socially pleasant results, my usually nascent arthritis kicked in, and like a mule.

More strategies. The priority became getting home, taking antihistamine and taking painkillers to counteract the physical pain in the event it lasted after the trigger (which it has), and also anticipate the headache that inevitably follows my taking antihistamine.

Then I met the antihistamine bottle. It was a new one, and as well as a safety cap, it had a seal between the cap and the neck which needed breaking. The process of doing this – holding in and twisting – was agony.

How on earth do people deal with this? How will I, if and when arthritis becomes a full time thing?

I’ll sign out now. Feeling muzzy, vaguely sore and somewhat unhappy.


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