Three waterfalls: #blogjune 8

Having missed 7, and had a day of needed rest for 8, I’ll do a quick but picturesque post.

I felt like a gaming palate cleanser, and picked up a cheapie in the form of Lifeless Planet. It’s a “walking simulator“, a genre I’m relatively new to.

Walking isn’t all that happens, but it is for the most part. I’m not out to take over the world or slaughter ravening hordes. I neither want riches nor bullets; I couldn’t use them. I can jump. After a bit I get a little jet pack, so I can jump further. That’s about it.

The story? I’m an astronaut, in what I believe to be the first interstellar spaceflight. Waking up after a crash, I start walking. What I find is the remains of a Soviet-era Russian colony, which sets up the premise of the game.

It’s a game with moments of beauty amongst the sparseness, and I’ve chosen to record some of those, hence the title of this post. I won’t review further, but will just leave you with three waterfalls, one with frogs and one with a double rainbow.

2014-06-08_00001 2014-06-08_00002 2014-06-08_00003


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