Standing room only: #blogjune 18

After yesterday’s flippant contribution, I don’t have a vastly better offer today. My title offers a clue: To allow colleagues to do programmes I ended up spending most of the day staffing the desk.

Desk is all about the customer, but I’m quite proactive in moving slow times to get other, smaller jobs done. Today I managed to clear a batch of new items needing processing, which was necessary and interesting.

My major project at the moment is around upgrading AV items, some of which need retagging with our more recent RFID tagging system. It’s got two streams running through it – I’m searching collections by hand, but of necessity we also need to be picking candidates from returns on the fly.

My colleagues have been wonderful about spotting items for upgrade as they come in, but we have less time to work on the actual conversions. My methodical task of working through the collection list has of recent time fallen to the wayside. I’m pleased to report this is no longer the case.

Is it wrong to get this much satisfying from collection work?


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One Response to Standing room only: #blogjune 18

  1. FiFYI says:

    Some of that process work can be very rewarding. 🙂

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