Ready, more or less: #blogjune 24

I came home early today with a nasty headache, heading towards a migraine, so I’ll keep it brief but, I hope, meaningful.

There’s ready, and then there’s ready. We’ve got all of the major items we need for baby, and more than enough clothes to start off with. The nursery needs a little shuffling, but is otherwise arranged as we need it to be – particularly as it won’t actually be in use for the initial time. Fi has packed bags to be taken on a hospital run, and a good start has been made on readying a guest space for my parents when they come over.

If baby doesn’t come early, delivery date is two weeks from today. A planning is the advantage of a Caesarian section. In all practical respects, we’re ready enough that we won’t be scrambling when baby comes.

Emotionally, I’ve just come through a short phase of feeling relaxed and ready. Out the other side is, it turns out an amount of disquiet. I have confidence in the wellbeing of both Snugglepot and Fi, and that we have wonderful support around us, but we’re about to start on the greatest adventure I can conceive of – guiding another person as they grow into the world. I’m watching parents and children who come into work very closely at the moment, and seeing how their bond plays out – when and how independence is allowed, how values are instilled. Will we do as well with our one? Will we do any better?

Fi and I have been playing at “Dad jokes” of late. Our customary line of humour can be pretty ribald, and we’re aware we’ll have to tone it down while still allowing ourselves fun and amusement in life. So with that in mind, here’s some parentally-themed fun.


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