In summation! #blogjune 30

I’ve enjoyed taking part in blogjune this year. Many thanks to the good Constance Wiebrands for coordinating the effort as always.

Even though if I’ve skipped a couple of days across the month I haven’t felt that I’ve lost momentum in doing so. Having missed a year or so of blogune, I’m actually very interested to see how I write now. Suffice to say it’s very different.

I used to feel driven to impress. I used to feel driven to fireworks – to create a series of arguments which would leave the reader moved, outraged or some other strong feeling. The thing is, I read back and I don’t see it in the writing. Yes, some pieces were strong, but more than that I recall feelings and motivations that went behind the writing.

They’re not there now. After this fiery period, I went on a quest for minimalist writing – and minimimalism lead, after a further brief flare up of wordiness to a long quiet. A regeneration.

In that time, I lived life and while reflection happened I didn’t feel a need to throw that reflection in other’s places. If I was, like some other writers, motivated by anger, over those years I let go of that feeling. Happily so.

This year I’ve written about whatever I wanted to talk about, and without disguised resentment for my potential audience. I’ve reviewed video games. I’ve lamented factors in managing my life. I’ve posted reports on furniture construction and shared pictures of cute cats.

I’ll finish with something Fi and I created together this evening. It’s not the most polished performance, but I hope it gives some pleasure.


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