Five things I’m looking forward to about #Blogjune

Well, here it is again. I’ve been blogging a bit more lately, so it’s timely to get into this celebration of the art. Many thanks as always to Constance for coordinating. Please, join in if you’d like.

What am I looking forward to?

Working Structure

I’ve always blogged by inspiration. I’ve written when I’ve felt strongly, and not when I’ve nothing to say, sometimes for months on end. Regular content rarely interests me, and so previous blogjunes I’ve felt turn into a punishment.

This time, I’m trying something different. I’ve got my eye out for big things I want to write about – and I’ll be doing that about once a week. I’ve also created a planning space to allow me to know what to do going through the month so that I have something to work from on those days.

Mondays are especially easy. To ease back into the work week, I’m following my other half Fi’s example and using “Meme Monday”. For that matter, I’m stealing her memes, as you’ll see in the sample of my working spreadsheet. Included is a sneak preview of Tuesday’s theme. I’m sure that’ll bring some of you back.

Spreadsheeting makes me feel special

Reporting good news

For a long time now, we’ve been working on buying and selling a house. We’re very nearly there. Short of absolute calamity, I should be able to report here that we’ve reached unconditional in that process. We’ll be a very happier family at that point. All going well, I’ll have other good things to talk about, but if that’s the only positive in an otherwise unremittingly awful month, it’ll still be worth it.

Kind ribbing

I’m lucky, or unlucky that a few people at my work are interested enough to ready what I have to say. Given I sometimes say an awfully large amount, I’m grateful. Sometimes ribbing ensues. Well, folks – and you know who you are – I’m ready for a month’s worth. Bring it on – honestly it’s what makes turning up worthwhile on days when the good people we serve just aren’t in good moods.

A sense of belonging

Fi reminded me blogjune is the place we met. Not that I’ve ever forgotten. It makes me happy to be back “here”. I can’t hope to read every entry by every blogger, but I’ve make a feed group and read what and who I can. It’ll be fun to be part of a hubbub of voices, and interesting to see what connections are made over the time.

The end

All these good things aside, I still expect to find myself welcoming the end. I’m looking at blogjune as an opportunity to release mental energy and stress from the marathon we’ve been running with regard to the house sale. Writing has always done that for me, which is a blessing. That being said – it’s a long distance race on its own. Right now I’m looking forward, but in part its to a time when I’m looking back.

Thanks all, hope you enjoy the month.


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