About a bear

You see, there’s this bear. It’s not a real bear, it’s in a game. The game is amazing. The game is rich. The game is indepth. The game is based on Polish folktales in some indescribably way that I’m sure I’d understand if my knowledge of Polish literature wasn’t limited to the science fiction of Stanislaw Lem.

In the game I play a sort of do-gooder. Sort of. Most people don’t like him. His kind get treated with contempt, unless there are monsters to be killed around.

Fortunately there are monsters to be killed! And bears. Well, one bear.

I’ve already had a couple of goes at the bear. Used all of my beginning-of-game skills, danced around it, taunted it, backed out of range of it’s attacks… and got eaten.

Then I used my Polish voodoo on it. I bought up my best fire spell, and managed to set the beast on fire briefly… and got eaten.

That was last night. I gave it a rest as it was late enough. Today, I’ve had a full and sometimes frustrating day at work, right up the very last minute and beyond. After work was spent taking Fi to the dentist. I actually napped in the dentist’s office, which the receptionist was very nice about. Because I’m practiced at napping with my daughter as she settles into sleeping, I’ve perfected napping sitting up without snoring.

Now, Róisín is asleep and it’s our time. Fi has some work to do, and me… I’ve got that bear.

I’m going to follow the advice of last Tuesday’s post and just do what I’m doing. I’m going to fight the bear.



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