Bracing news, and a meme

So Róisín was back to hospital tonight. The favoured leg was being more favoured, and it transpired she’s got a minor buckle fracture at the base of her right tibia and fibula. How she sustained it, we don’t know; something to do with her new adventures in free standing and early approaches to walking, perhaps. Either way, it’s in a cast now. Fi’s a little upset, I’m not happy but mainly looking at it as a management problem. No baths for perhaps six weeks!

Now to the meme, stolen as usual from Fi, provider of memes to blogjune.


  1. What’s your preferred name? Sean. Some people call me Seany and it works. I never know until they’ve called me it whether it’s ok from them.
  2. Do you wear glasses? Have since I was ten.
  3. How would you describe your fashion style? Lazy, but I know exactly how to make myself look good when I choose to.


  1. What do you fear? Sometimes I think too little. I tend to embrace life head on. As I get older I’ve learnt to assess risk.
  2. What is your guilty pleasure? Definitely videogames. Sometimes I’ll enjoy the element of storytelling, sometimes the manual dexterity, sometimes the calculations involved in maximising outcomes from a particular set of random variables.


  1. What was your first thought when you woke up today? I could not tell you.
  2. What you think about most? The meaning of words people used, and what their sentence structure implies about the thoughts behind.


  1. To be loved or respected? The two are integral for me. I’ve been loved as a possession, and frankly it’s something I’ve dispensed with.
  2. Dogs or cats? I’ve had both as pets and my relationship with each animal is different, so I can’t really state a preference.


  1. Believe in yourself? I back myself to the hilt. It’s interesting when moments of crisis arise and I see the resources – personal and social – I have to call on for support. Those inside I’ve developed through careful self-honesty, and those outside I’ve developed through dealing with integrity. It doesn’t make life easy but it’s handy.
  2. Believe in love? I am in this house with the two loves of my life. I can’t deny it, and I don’t try.


  1. Do you play a musical instrument? Yes, quite a few. Generally I can make a tuneful sound from an instrument given about five minutes. Mastery takes a little longer.
  2. Do you enjoy cooking? I do, because I’m particular about some things. Fi’s an excellent cook, but I tend to excel at things like steaks, chops and so on. Not to mention mashed potato. Whether we’re sharing the tasks, or I’m taking the lead I find satisfaction in eating the good tasting results of a cooking process of which I’ve been a part. Of course, I also like those times Fi’s entirely in charge and I get to relax and eat a great meal.
  3. Are you any good at gardening? I would describe my talent as in destructive gardening. If it needs to be removed, I’ll do so.


  1. Favourite animal? Not a question I can answer. Instead I’ll relate an animal joke I made up recently: “What is the saddest thing in the world?” “I don’t know, what is the saddest thing in the world?” “A kitten, but he has no friends.”*
  2. Favourite movie? Hard to say. For spectacle, I’m very fond of Besson’s Fifth Element.
  3. Favourite book? Anathem, by Neal Stephenson. Reviewed by me previously.


  1. How old are you? 44.
  2. Does age matter? Noooooope.

*Fi is at pains to point out to me this isn’t a joke.


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One Response to Bracing news, and a meme

  1. FiFYI says:

    That poor kitten. It’s no joke!

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