Meme: In which we revisit the first expectation setting meme. Oh dear.

So let’s revisit the five things I was looking forward to:

Working structure

Well it was there, sort of. Doing blogjune while processing details on the house conveyancing and helping Fi look after a broken-legged Ró was just impossible, to be frank. At a certain point my reserves dropped and I had to choose to prioritise my family, the move and getting by at work. My plan was there at the back but keeping in line with it was impossible. It did give me some cues for posting on those rare times I did have the energy to post more than a cheeky quip and a video, so I was grateful for that. I’ve still got two weighty topics I’d like to examine and a review of the game we played yesterday. They’ll happen.

Reporting good news

Going unconditional was good. Then came more paper work with conveyancing details to be tied up. I’ve the sense at the moment of having been waiting for “one last thing” for some time now. I do think the move will be the start of moving towards a life-as-usual type of arrangement, but I won’t hold my breath. Happy to be in the here and now.

Kind ribbing

Well, I hardly had mention at all from my colleagues after all that! I have to admit I have a prime ribber (no pun intended) so maybe that person was off their game this month. Another person *did* rib last week – they commented that if people weren’t careful I’d just go ahead and blog about them to teach them a lesson. Naturally I wouldn’t… except now, as it turns out. You know who you are!

A sense of belonging

Yes, for a bit before the tide of life went over my head and reading 400 articles (admittedly 100 of which were selfies from Kim :P) became just another part of the too hard mountain pile.

The end

Well I guess so. It’s not like I’m going to stop blogging.


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