The bear or the biscuit

When I was a child, I grew attached to a biscuit in the shape of a bear even though I knew it was just one of twenty or so in the pack.

Rather than eat it, I asked my mother if I could keep it as a friend. She said yes.

It’s not easy to play with a biscuit and I cannot tell you what games, if any, we played. What I can tell you is that I had that bear as a friend and playmate for an unusual amount of time.

Like any biscuit kept in improper storage, it started to decay. After a while the bear was kept wrapped in greaseproof paper. Still later it was coated in icing in an effort to stabilise it for a time.

Whether a biscuit or my bear, one day it simply disintegrated. My mother briefly considered quietly replacing that bear with another one just the same. Instead, when I arrived home from school, she helped me realise that biscuits are simply not made to last.


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2 Responses to The bear or the biscuit

  1. FiFYI says:

    Awww. I feel sad now.

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