Wit. #blogjune 5 makeup post

Róisín has finished the main part of her dinner – eggs – and I ask her what she wants next.


We have no oranges, and I tell her so.


“Orange gone. Do you want apple or banana?”

“No appor. No nana. Oriv!”




Back and forth few times. I start saying my response as soon as she says hers:


Peals of laughter from both of us.

We catch our breath. I go to the refrigerator and pull out an apple and a banana.

“How about this. You can have this orange,” I say, showing her the apple, “or this orange,” moving the banana forward.

She points at the apple.


She looks me in the eye, grins and points at the banana.



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2 Responses to Wit. #blogjune 5 makeup post

  1. Rachel says:

    Young children provide us such delight with such simple things. They really are a blessing.

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