A contribution from my mother #blogjune 7 makeup post

Your Grandmother was concerned about your lack of speech and looked very dubious when I said you had a wider vocabulary than Edward had at 15 months. Edward had talked early and was able to “debate” by two years old.
I assured her you were quieter than Edward and didn’t talk in public but could if you wanted to. She was disbelieving but said “I’m sure he will eventually.” By that age I’d counted you using about 130 words and short sentences.
About 2 months later she and visited us and walked into the lounge where every chair was occupied. You looked around the room then jumped off your seat and said “Here Grandma have my chair.” Her mouth dropped open and we nearly needed to push the chair under her before she dropped to the floor, “Oh he can speak,” she said.
We never worked out why you were uncommunicative away from home.

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