The epiphany. #blogjune 9 makeup post

I experience this realisation time and again. The first time was nearly a year ago. I’d gone to a crying Róisín in the night. As I was working a late night, I felt safe to check in on her knowing I could catch up on my sleep before work.

I found a child who had been sick in her cot. Responding to the crisis, I picked her up and grabbed a towel from her change table. For hours we sat there in the dark, her sleeping and only crying when she was actively being sick. I was tired, sticky and smelly and I had no hope of going back for any kind of nap.c4jt321

Through all this, a voice in my head said: This is good. This is what I should be doing.

I don’t know how other parents experience love. I hope we all have this crazy voice that denies reality to say suffering is worthy when for a child.

That is not the epiphany.

I thought of my own parents. They’ve watched me grow up, walking far away as I did so. There’s every chance Róisín will do the same to Fiona and me. I hope she does at least walk a little way to stand on her own. She’s certainly her own independent-minded person at two.

Therein lies the tragedy of the world. To be the best parent I can be, I have to love someone with all my being and at then let them go when the time comes.


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