Monday meme. #blogjune 11 makeup post

Yes, I know the 10th wasn’t Monday.

Bucket list

Have you ever?

Been Married – sure
Fell in love – yes indeed
Gone on a blind date – nope
Watched someone give birth – from a very close distance
Watched someone die – no
Had children – and I can’t stop talking about it
Stayed in Hospital – yes
Donated blood – definitely
Lived on your own – in Caboolture!
Had a pet – numerous

Travel destinations (your home country doesn’t count)

Been to North America – no
Been to South America – no
Been to Europe – no
Been to Asia – no
Been to Africa – no
Been to Oceania – yes
Been to Antarctica – no


Flown in a helicopter – no
Been on a cruise – no
Rode an elephant – no
Got a piercing – yes
Got a tattoo – five
Been skiing – no
Rode on a motorcycle – no
Jumped out of a plane – no
Driven over 100 mph – yes
Been scuba diving – how about snorkelling?


Been in a movie – filmed for a movie that didn’t happen
Been on TV – yes
Been in newspaper – yes – a short story in a schools feature section
Played in a band – any number of times
Sang karaoke – happily
Laughed so much you cried – I think so
Been to a drive-in movie – no


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