My most Australian thought. #blogjune 10 makeup post

I’m out and about, and I spot a person wearing a sweater with an outline of the US containing that country’s flag.

Curious, I read the message around the image:

“I live in Australia but I’d rather be back in the States.”

My immediate thought was that if they didn’t like it here, they could always go back.

Please don’t think I’m anti-immigration. I was about to say that would be lunacy, but then I recalled until recently our country was led by an immigrant who was anti-immigration. Perhaps it’s still lunacy after all.

I also don’t really think that people who are unhappy here should go somewhere else. For a start, there are people having a hard time who are from here in a way few others are.

This thought, as much as it was conscious or directed, was one immigrant-by-choice looking at another. Both moving from relative privilege to relative privilege.

I like it here. The climate is great and there’s a hell of a lot more interesting stuff going on. I get that there are some complications… but why be here if you don’t want to be and have a choice?


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