Another from Mum. #blogjune 12 makeup post

Another thing I remember about when you were young was driving across the Tauranga causeway, from the Mount (where we were holidaying).
We drew up at a red light and suddenly a chapter of the Mongrel mob in black leathers on motorbikes roared up and surrounded the car.
Much to our horror you looked out the window and shouted delightedly, “Dad the apes! The apes are here!”  It was a time when “Planet of the apes was our serial highlight of the week.
I have never seen your father take off so rapidly on the green light before or since.

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2 Responses to Another from Mum. #blogjune 12 makeup post

  1. Peta says:

    I love those almost forgotten stories that mums and grans remember.

    • seanmurgatroyd says:

      It’s pretty cool! My grandma had so much history inside her and it took me a long time to learn to just listen to her rather than be bored and fidget.

      Mum’s are great, and I’m glad I get to onshare them. This one is super embarrassing! Little unconscious racist that I was!

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