Wake up, Dad. #blogjune 13 catch up post

Róisín is finding it hard to go to sleep, calling out after being put in her cot. As is often the way, it is on me to rectify this situation.

I go to her and lift her up.

“It’s alright, darling, we’ll just cuddle for a bit and then you’ll be ready.”

That tends to be all I’ll say to her most of these nights. I’ll sit on the chair in her room with her on a pillow across my lap. Sometimes there might be short protests or a bit of playing and I’ll soothe or gently play along as needed. Mostly I’ll nap and she’ll fall asleep.

Last night was different. I was woken by a hand whacking me on the chin. Remaining wordless, I decided that she wasn’t quite ready yet, and return to my dozing. A short time later, more whacking. I barely open my eyes before I close them again. Still more whacking and my brain kicks in.

“Do you want to go to bed now?”

Róisín doesn’t make a sound but moves in my arms so that she’s lying flat in the way she would in the cot. I take her over, put her down and that’s that.


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