Luckily there was a burn unit nearby

Rosie is three now and conversations, at least in the family, have taken a marked increase in complexity. 

I was happy to hear Ro calling out my name as I walked back to the car after a tooth extraction related visit to the chemist. 

I called back, “hello!” and got in.

“Your car looks scratchy”.

“Yes, unfortunately it does have a few scratches now.”

“Did it fall over?”

“No, it actually was while Mummy had you in her tummy! You see, when you were nearly here I accidentally bumped a couple of things because I was so worried I didn’t have a brain in my head.”

“I think you still don’t have a brain in your head.”

Punchline in the title.


New (Year) blog

It’s been more than a year since I last wrote, and my life has changed so much.

In this time I’ve ended one relationship and started another; moved country, started a new job and then gained a promotion in that organisation.

I’ve considered what I need in my life and readopted the faith I grew up in. More particularly I’ve followed my Grandfather’s faith of birth and completed the Ritual of Christian Initiation as an Adult at the Catholic Church I attend with my partner, Fiona. I have specific theological and liturgical reasons for choosing this church, but this isn’t the place for that discussion. We have a cool Pope, though.

The biggest change is yet to come. On or around the date of July 11th, I’ll become a father for the first time. This will be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me – those of you who know me as a longtime children’s librarian will understand the connection I have with children.

I know this is a change that will test Fi and I utterly, and if I’m honest I have to admit I have no idea if we’re ready, whatever “ready” is.

I do know our child will be born to loving parents who also love each other. We’re surrounded by a community of family and friends that will be there to help.

Ready? I’m eager. Now, if we can just get through the next bout of morning sickness…