Is sass inherited?

Dora: What part of our adventure did you like best?

Ro: Nothing.


Dora: That was my favourite part too!

Ro: Hehehe.


The financial advisory service

My phone rings. An unknown number.

“Hello, Sean speaking.”



A click.

“Hello, Sean this is Sarah from the financial advisory service.”

“Which financial advisory service is that, Sarah?”


How it happened

Ro and I are snuggling before the alarm goes off.

Me: Rosie, how did you get to be so beautiful?

Rosie: I fell off a chair and broke my leg.

Once were worriers #blogjune

Fi’s training Ró to say, “let’s go, Broncos!”

She turns to me and asks me what my guy’s war cry is.


“The Warriors.”

“Uh, it’s ‘we did really well that one year we got to the finals.'”

Am I still in charge at this point? #blogjune

I’ve been trying to add a little negotiation to the discipline process. I’ve been giving the expectation, and if not met outlining a consequence with a count of three to avoid it happening. It’s not stopped the mischief but it’s making the picking up and so on a calmer affair.

Tonight she climbed up on the TV cabinet.

“Darling, can you get down from there?”

“No way!”

“Please get down, sweetheart.”

“Count fwee.”

Orange: the return #blogjune

Sandwich for dinner tonight, by request. Orange for after.

I get the orange from the fridge.


“Yes, cold.”

She’s handed the orange to check. It’s cold.

I take it to the bench.

“Daddy orange?”

“Yes, I’m cutting the orange.”


I hold up the partially cut orange.

“Yellow orange, blue orange!”

“Well more like orange orange, really. Here you go.”

The oranges are tipped off the plate. I take it away saying:

“OK, no plate but please eat the orange.”


“You want plate now?”


“OK, but please eat the orange.”

“Of course.”

Let the record reflect no orange was eaten.


What happened yesterday instead of blogging #blogjune 18 make up post