Luckily there was a burn unit nearby

Rosie is three now and conversations, at least in the family, have taken a marked increase in complexity. 

I was happy to hear Ro calling out my name as I walked back to the car after a tooth extraction related visit to the chemist. 

I called back, “hello!” and got in.

“Your car looks scratchy”.

“Yes, unfortunately it does have a few scratches now.”

“Did it fall over?”

“No, it actually was while Mummy had you in her tummy! You see, when you were nearly here I accidentally bumped a couple of things because I was so worried I didn’t have a brain in my head.”

“I think you still don’t have a brain in your head.”

Punchline in the title.


All’s well that ends well

Tonight as we were getting ready to go to church, I noticed for the second time that Róisín was standing on her left leg only.

The first time I’d noticed it she was in her upstairs playpen. Eleven month olds will try things out and she didn’t appear to be in pain, so I didn’t worry. The second time… well suffice to say we went to the hospital instead of church tonight.

This isn’t the first time we’ve taken a trip to a medical establishment. It can sometimes be a stressful process.

It wasn’t tonight. Our little one wasn’t distressed, and after a process of investigation it was established that whatever it was… would probably go away. Most of the night was spent laughing at Rosie as she crawled back and forth across the bed, making sure to be at the end nearest the door to wave at all the new friends she was making.

Make them she did. She had at one point six hospital staff standing admiringly around her. She taught a young nurse how to hold a baby. The nurse, who was entranced but nervous about the holding soon became a favourite.

As a parent, one gets used to things that need to be investigated but have no real explanation. There’s also no real explanation why we were so lucky as to find such a beautiful little person as a part of our lives.

Does there need to be?

Ro waving