Reviewing something current: This is My Jam

Here’s what this one is about. I just want you to like this site, this product.

I’ve used it for just over a week now. I’d like to give you a nutshell, and then explain my experience of it. Hopefully that will support me in explaining why I want you to use it.

The nutshell

The concept: Tumblr, but just for music. Industry experts can correct me.

Signup: Easy, as usual. Link your social profiles, emails etc. Follow people you know who are on there, expand as your other friends join.

You start on the “My Jam” page. You have the option to search for a jam, and your search gives results from soundcloud and youtube. Once you choose your jam and optionally add a little comment, it is set for a week.

There’s some design options for you people who care about that stuff. I don’t think they’re that complex, more a kind of flavours thing.

Embed-on-request rights are respected. As a consumer of a service, I assume the provider(s) of that service are vigilant to protect me from inadvertent rights misuse. I’ll happily discuss that (1) in the comments should anyone be interested.

Your jam and those of your follows are displayed in reverse chronological order on the site home page. If you click the play button on an individual jam you will start the list playing in reverse order until the one week event horizon is reached.

Developing of your network occurs virally, and through the discovery tools. I’ll discuss them under:

My experience of it

The social discovery tools are very interesting – I’ve just linked through to my profile, which should give me some crunchy recommendations for random follows.

Social Recomendations are categorised three ways that I’ve found so far:

Derived from my jams – I’m introduced to people who are jamming similarly.

Trending jammers – not necessarily so fond of that.

Friend-of-friend recommendations via likes – I saw a jammer (into the lingo already!) recommended as “most liked by your follows”.

If you want things to change on your jam, throw down some records

It’s ok to change one’s jam anytime – you’ll remove your previous one, so you won’t be spamming in terms of “post count”. I’m not sure if I’d get annoyed at someone who continually threw out new tunes. Sure they’d stay at the top of the list, but if they were sharing good songs I’d go with it.

Your playlist isn’t evolving the way you’d like? Add people to it. Prune it. Throw out tracks. Most importantly: Respond to the community you’ve created.

I don’t use TiMJ constantly – I check in on it. I give the people on it time to surprise me. My favourite kinds of surprises are new songs, which is

Why I Want You To Join

The limitation – music only – is where the victory lies.  It’s a perfect answer to my issues around sociality – sometimes words don’t work at all for me, but sound always does.

Yep, it’s all about me

It’s good therapeutic practise to ask for what you want, in an honest and respectful way. Anyhow,

Bowtie it with a story seanfish

Someone laid down a remix of Blue Jay Way, which I liked.(2)

I threw out Fiona Apple singing Across the Universe.

Someone #2 shared “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” by Eddie Vedder (which wasn’t to my taste).

Someone #3 rolled out “Creep” by Radiohead – the acoustic version, which I “liked” and love,

@wilwheaton stepped up with Massive Attack – Protection, and

I got all the squee

This is My Jam.

(1) At nauseating length.

(2) In airquotes and simultaneously not in airquotes. Please view this as standard practise.